Büro für Planung,
Beratung und Montage

About Us

We are actively at your side during every stage of your project…

because we are a flexible and dynamic team, which responds to the individual demands of our clients with competent and personal commitment.

Our team consists of five expert site managers for busbar trunking systems. Our employees assume the project management of planning and assembly nationally and internationally.

Stangl Stromschienenmanagement GmbH has its own warehouse for busbar trunking systems (including accessories)…

therefore, we are able to process orders of parts or extension of existing busbar trunking systems swiftly.

We will hold small numbers of tap off units and busbars exclusively for our clients with a master agreement. Regarding questions or for further information on our master agreement, please contact Jürgen Stangl, CEO.

This service is especially helpful during damages or disruptions, as we can promptly deliver spare parts and install them expertly. Your operations process is ensured to be restored as quickly as possible.

Service Offer

We are able to deliver busbars and/or accessories within 48 hours in Bavaria. Outside of Bavaria the delivery time will vary.

The exceptional strength of Stangl Stromschienenmanamgent GmbH is also the realization of custom models.